Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Notes on today's monitoring appointment:

-I still have lots of follicles, so many that Dr. K didn't count (but he did exclaim "Wow, that's amazing!") and the largest ones are in the 15-16 mm range, which is good. When they get to 18 mm it's time to trigger, so we're right on track for Thursday or possibly Friday.

-E2 - 2896. Another too-big rise, so we're reducing my Follistim to 37.5.

-The nurse had to poke me twice drawing my blood today, and on Sunday at Rockville they had to do it three times. She commented that I must feel like a pincushion. Which made me want to count how many needle sticks I've had all together. Are you ready? Since starting this cycle, I have been poked by a needle 55 times. And I have at least 24 more to go.

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  1. The part I hate the least about cycling! :( The good thing is you're almost to retrieval! Your E2 is rising nicely I think!


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