Monday, September 12, 2011


Because of my high estradiol levels and large follicle count I've been going in every morning for monitoring. Our local office isn't open on weekends, so I have to go to one of three that are, and the closest ones happen to be about 45 minutes away. Getting up before 7 a.m. on both Saturday and Sunday to drive 45 minutes = not my happiest time. But things are progressing very nicely. As of this morning I had 40+ follicles, the largest one being 13.5 mm. They are growing steadily and pretty uniformly, which is good. The idea is to have as many eggs as possible mature at the same rate, so that on egg retrieval day they'll be ready to be fertilized. In theory, 40 follicles means 40 eggs, but normally some of them will be immature, and sometimes the doctor can't successfully extract all of the ones that are there.

I was worried about things moving too quickly because E has to go out of town this week from Tuesday night to Wednesday night. Unlike a frozen embryo transfer, it's crucial that he be around for the egg retrieval because 1) I need someone to drive me there and back since I'll be under IV sedation, and 2) we actually need his genetic material this time. So I was relieved when Dr. K said he doesn't think we'll need to change the schedule. Even though my estradiol is high, the rate of increase has slowed down and my follicle growth is right on track. Yay, my follicles!

Saturday: E2 was 898
Sunday: E2 1500+ (started Ganirelix in the pm)
Today: E2 2092

Meds dosage: Follistim 75, Menopur 75, Ganirelix 250, Lovenox 40 (4 injections a day - this is the real deal now!)

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  1. You are moving along perfectly!! SOO HAPPY FOR YOU!!


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