Saturday, September 24, 2011


We got the call yesterday afternoon about our embryo cryopreservation - and 10 of them made it to freeze! That may not seem like a lot considering that we started out with 48, but since we had so many we were able to let them grow in the lab for 5 days. By watching them for that extra time, the embryologists are better able to determine which ones are likely to be viable after freezing and thawing. The ones that are defective stop growing and the ones that aren't keep on dividing. The culture medium they use only allows this to work for around 5-6 days and after that it can't support their growth anymore - otherwise they might go for a lot longer to get even better information. It's rare to have this many still growing, so we're thrilled...thrilled, and a little bit undecided about what we're going to do with all of them. But we're taking it one step (baby!) at a time, and if we get to the point where it's clear that we're not going to use some of them, we'll make that decision when the time comes.

Since yesterday I feel like the OHSS is coming back, which is weird but it might just be in my head (or maybe bloating from the PIO shots?) I also feel like I'm coming down with a cold (Eric already has a bad one so it's like a ticking time bomb for me and Sawyer) BUT I'm very excited about my sister Erin's wedding this weekend! My Utah family is here and it will be so fun to spend time with all of them while we watch Erin and Josh wed. The perfect joyful distraction!

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  1. CONGRATS!! On your amazing number of totsicles! That's pretty impressive that you had so many make the cut! Also CONGRATS to your sister and her new dh! I hope the wedding is beautiful and they have amazing life together!


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