Thursday, September 01, 2011

Here We Go...

(And yep, unfortunately I now have this in my head. What can I say, I came of age in the nineties.)

Yesterday we checked off a lot of boxes to get ready for this cycle:

-mock embryo transfer (me)  ✓
-saline sonogram (me)  ✓
-infectious disease panel bloodwork (Eric)  ✓
-CBC, blood type, etc (me, because our old fertility center threw my records away)  ✓
-consent forms signed  ✓
-genetic testing waiver signed  ✓
-meds delivered  ✓

The mock ET went well, and everything looked good on the sonogram. I take my last BCP tomorrow (thank goodness, I have been so nauseous on them!) and on Saturday I have my baseline sonogram and bloodwork. If everything looks ready at that point (ovaries "quiet") I'm scheduled to start stims on Tuesday the 6th.

The meds I'm on are different than last time - different protocol, different brand names, but also I don't think I'll be able to mix them down into one injection. I'm using the Follistim pen (can't mix anything else into that), prefilled Ganerelix syringes (ditto, I think), and Menopur. Add to that the Lovenox I'm already taking (also prefilled syringes) and I'm going to be doing 4 injections a day for a while. And having blood drawn every other day/every day. I'm going to run out of spots pretty quickly. IVF friends, any suggestions??


  1. I just tried to keep each day's pokes close together and then went from side to side, moving inward. By the time I got back to the outside, the spot was usually okay to go again. But it is not pleasant. I'll be thinking of you. And have all possible appendages crossed!

  2. Sara, did you do them in the belly? I've found Lovenox is better on my thighs (super stingy anywhere, but belly was worse), so maybe I should stick to the belly for the stims. At least I have plenty of fat there. ;)


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